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Ebay Services 

Seek and Find Consignments provide Ebay Services to clients that wish to promote and sell unusual items.  These items must have an estimated valuation of $100.00 or more before they are placed upon Seek and Find's Ebay account.  A "free" research of Ebay history will determine the expected valuation of the item prior to the posting.  Shipments are sent worldwide to confirmed addresses only and payments provided by the buyer through paypal.  The buyers are responsible for paying for all shipping charges. 

You will receive 67% of the selling price less paypal fees and Ebay fees for the item.  Auctions are for 7 days.  Should you determine to have a minimum bid placed on the item, there is an additional fee charged by Ebay which you will be responsible. Seek and Find Consignments will provide the promotion, photography, and shipment of your item.  Payments for the item(s) will be distributed on a monthly basis.  You will have the ability to monitor the auction and review the updated history on Seek and Find's website.

Additional questions may be submitted via email or via telephone at (812) 437-3463.

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