Consignor Agreement

Seek & Find Consignment Agreement

4512 North 1st Avenue Evansville, IN 47710

(812) 437-FIND


Seek & Find Consignments agrees to accept items from consignor for resale that is only in good repair, clean, and saleable. Prices will be set by management at the time of the consignment based on historical selling prices of similar items. Item(s) will only be accepted at predetermined times and no “drop-offs” with authorization of Seek and Find Consignments.

Liability Waiver Consignor warrants that he/she has complete title of all merchandise that is consigned and will not hold SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS, its agents, employees, or volunteers responsible for any claim to merchandise. Consignor also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS, its agents, employees, volunteers, and any purchaser of merchandise, harmless from all claims or demands which may arise from any transaction authorized by this agreement including but not limited to the delivery to and sale by SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS of the merchandise. The consignor agrees to pay all costs, including attorney’s fees incurred by SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS or any purchaser of merchandise which may arise as a result of any breach of the warranty of title made by consignor.

SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS, its agents, employees, and volunteers shall not be responsible for theft, loss of, or damage to any consigned merchandise. SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS does not provide insurance coverage for consignor’s merchandise and duly notifies consignor of the recommendation to obtain insurance coverage for said items. Consignor must inquire with their insurance agent on appropriate insurance coverage(s). Consignor further agrees to hold harmless SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS, its agents, employees, and volunteers from any potential claim of reimbursement for any said theft, loss of, or damage to any consigned merchandise.

Consignment Commission to Consignor 60% of selling price on sale of furniture. (Client Drops off at shop) 50% of selling price on sale of furniture. (SeekandFind picks up furniture FREE of Charge) 50% of the selling price on home accent items and collectibles.

Automatic Price Reduction 15% markdown on original price after 30 days. 30% markdown on original price after 60 days. 50% markdown on original price afer 90 days. Donated to charity afer 120 days.

Should the consignor want any item withdrawn from consignment; It is the sole responsibility of the consignor to retrieve any items. Removing the items prior to the end of the final reduction of 50% off will result in a REMOVAL FEE of 10% of the selling price of the item(s). Additionally, the consignor may be contacted at any time to retrieve any item(s) that is deemed “unsellable” or are not inventoried. These item(s) must be removed within 7 business days of notification. If Item(s) are not removed within 120 days from consignment, the item(s) will become the property of SEEK & FIND CONSIGNMENTS and at its discretion donated to charity. Seek and Find reserves the right to create and retain a buyer's fee on each item consigned.

Seasonal Consignments SEASONAL merchandise will be reduced 50% two weeks before the end of the season of holiday. Seasonal merchandise that is not picked up within two weeks after the holiday will be donated to charity. (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and etc.)

Pickup and/or Delivery Service "FREE" pickup will be available to the consignor, should Seek and Find or its designee, retrieve, transfer, or transport the consignment to/from the shop.

Payment to Consignor Payment to Consignor will occur by the 30th day of each month. Each check issued MUST be picked up at SeekandFind; consignor living outside of a 50 mile radius of SeekandFind will be mailed payment via U.S. Postal Service. Consignor will receive payment for any items sold during the previous month’s sales. Checks for less than $25.00 will not be written and balance will be carried forward. It will be the responsibility of the consignor to pickup any monthly check being generated.

I have read and understand the above stated consignment requirements. 



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Consignor Contact Information

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