So, you are interested in consigning.........The purpose of consigning is to sell your personal belongings, turn it into cash, have fun, and feel good about doing it!

But are you ready for consigning your personal belongings? Consignment is not for everyone; especially for those that are still emotionally attached to "stuff". You know who these people are.....their garages, sheds, attics, and their paid storage buildings are filled beyond belief with useless items, perhaps it's that crock pot they received on their wedding day in 1972, or the kid's stuffed animal with the missing arm, or the great aunt's "hankie" collection; whatever the reason, these people are not quite ready to consign.

For those that have made the transition from being pack rats to having an organized home and more cash, they understand the concept of consignment and the feeling of empowerment; sort of like a cleansing.

You probably have tried rummage sales but they are too much work, buyers get you out of bed at 5:00 a.m. knocking on your door to find the "good stuff", they haggle, drive on your lawn, and want everything for a dollar. Then you have to pay for your Courier advertisement, remove your handwritten unsightly signage stapled to the nearest utility pole that Keep Evansville Beautiful rightfully complains about, and finally boxing everything into those Walmart plastic bins only to store it again until the next sale. You have tried to give it away to your family members, but they too do not want your precious junk.

Maybe you are the type that just boxes it and takes it to your favorite charity. Maybe you receive the tax deduction, maybe you don't.

There is an alternative........CONSIGNMENT!!!!! You can try to generate cash for your personal items before they are eventually donated to charity.

If you view the "SEEK AND FIND CONTRACT" at the top of the website, you will find out the policies for consigning with Seek and Find Consignments.

Consignment is taken from the public Monday, Tuesday, Friday 10-4 . And Thursday 10-6. No Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday drop offs. Free pickup is available for the larger pieces of furniture; just telephone for the details. Text photos of furniture for pre-approval to 812-457-1576. Small items are to be dropped off during intake hours in boxes and consignors will be notified within 48 hours for accepted items. Unaccepted items must be retrieved within 3 calendar days upon notification.

The general public may bring their items (Furniture, accessories, floral arrangements, taxidermy, dishes, linens......basically anything that an "average" person would use in their home) into the shop during the above listed times. Please do not be offended if the "watchdogs" taking the inventory into the shop reject a few items; it is nothing personal. A specific standard of quality is expected. The relationship with Seek and Find is a partnership and the staff will be very candid about unwanted or unsaleable items, or at least refer you to another consignment shop that would love those very unique or one of a kind items.